I have a had a great summer talking to schools and communities about my exploring activities.
In June, and again in July I spoke to youngsters at Bsix College in Hackney and I was the keynote speaker at City Academy Southwark awards day. I went to Cumberland School in Newham for their awards day too, and gave an address, and at the end of July I attended “An evening with Dwayne Fields” at Zen in Derby. I have met some great people along the way and I have been inspired myself by the enthusiasm of all the young people I have met. Keep it up!


I’m still hard at work getting myself ready for my journey to the South Pole later this year. I have four months to prepare so I more focused on my strength and conditioning than ever. Here’s a sneak peak at me in the gym.


It’s six months to go and Im starting to take my training more seriously now. Doing my insanity work outs, and my daily walks, need to get my weight to 13.5 stones and get stronger before the walk. Doing around 20 hours a week but will probably have to double that by November. Weather’s better so that helps (at least it’s stopped snowing!). Here’s a couple of photos of my latest training session…

Chosen charities for 2012

Dear friends, I have recently been featured in an article in ‘The Daily Telegraph‘ newspaper, it is a well written article by Ben Fogle, someone who I have followed very closely and hold in high regard. After reading the article I did however find there to be one error that I would like to make clear. The article states that I am raising money for Help for Hero’s, and although this is a great and worthy charity this is not the case and I will not be raising money for this cause on this occasion. My chosen charities for 2012 were the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust and Noahs Ark children Hospice. Thank you all again for your continued support and apologies for any confusion that may have arisen as a result of this.


My next event which will see me travel by foot across Antarctica to the South Pole, is a journey of almost 1200km. This will take place in November and is intended to raise funds and support for two charities.  Last year I supported and raised funds for two charities, African African Caribbean Leukemia Trust (ACLT) and Noah’s Ark childrens’ hospice.

African Caribbean Leukemia Trust (ACLT),  do some wonderful and life changing work in helping to increase  the number of black and ethnic minority people on the bone marrow register. They also work tirelessly to find donors for people who are in need. Noah’s Ark childrens’ hospice is a North London based charity and although they may not be the biggest their efforts to create a comfortable and caring environment for both the families the terminally ill child are second to none, they work on providing support through the end-of-life and bereavement periods for as long as is necessary. I strongly believe in the work that both of these charities conduct,  the work they do on a daily basis inspires me greatly.

Diamond Jubilee

 While the nation partied and BBQ’d to celebrate sixty years of HRH Queen sitting on the throne, I spent the weekend of the Diamond Jubilee on the UK’s tallest mountain; Ben Nevis. it was time well spent, I had the chance to enjoy this beautiful scenery and got some great training in. This was time well spent.

My return from the Sinai Desert

Photo taken by Dwayne Fields

I recently returned from the Sinai desert, where I spent a few days learning how to survive and navigate across this harsh terrain. The Bedouin where amazingly generous and shared everything from food and drink to their knowledge of the desert and its history with me. It was great to get a feel of a desert environment as opposed to a frozen tundra. I feel that my next challenge following this on to the unforgiving South Pole should be a desert, I need to go somewhere warm, hint, hint.