I am  seeking the support of a single sponsor, or a select group of sponsors to cover the costs of my  trip, these costs cover: basecamp/rescue services, insurance flights, meals and equipment. I am seeking to raise £24,000 and offer the following sponsorship packages for corporate and business who want to get involved.

Platinum Sponsorship – £24,000

The Platinum Sponsorship is the  top sponsorship opportunity and offers for branded sponsorship prior to the start and throughout the journey, with logos brochure display and badges on all media , speaking and public relations/marketing events and internal messaging associated with the challenge. Platinum Sponsors can travel to Antarctica with Dwayne with photo opportunities at the Challenge start and/or finish points (where possible). Platinum Sponsors will be able to greet Dwayne on his return to the UK benefiting from press/photo opportunities.

Gold Sponsorship – £12,000

Two sponsorship opportunities of £ 12,000 each offer branded sponsorship throughout the journey with logos brochure display and badges on select media  and four internal messaging/ speaking events and photo opportunity on Dwayne’s return.  Gold Sponsors and guests will be able to join Dwayne on an outdoor challenge weekend in the UK.

Silver Sponsorship – £6,000

These four sponsorship opportunities offer sponsors logo display on the website and in print media associated with the trek and two internal messaging/speaking events. 

Thank you

A big thanks to all those who attended/supported my fundraiser on Tuesday at  the Society Club, Soho (with a special thanks to Babette and Abi). We have sold 309 miles on the Buy a Mile campaign alone. 10,691 are still available to buy!Buy a Mile Dwayne Fields South Pole Adventure

No Proof No Glory

No Proof No Glory by Veho - Tune In Soon For The Official Launch

This is one of my sponsors who will be providing me with camera’s, batteries and storage devices. They have recently confirmed that they have tested the devices I will be taking on my challenge at sub zero temperatures for prolonged periods of time to ensure they will perform consistently throughout my time in Antarctica. I have been told the results were excellent in every test. As well as the equipment No proof no glory will also be helping to edit the footage and have suggested posting the best bits on their website.

Snozone – Supporter and sponsor

Every night, our snow cannons unleash a flurry of fresh real snow on to our slopes to create the ultimate environment for you to enjoy. The slope is housed within a giant freezer where the temperature on the ground is -12 degrees and the air temperature a frosty -5! Over 1,500 tonnes of the white stuff make up our main and learner slopes offering you the perfect environment to learn, practice, improve your skills and, most importantly… Have some fun!  Add some text…