Snozone – Supporter and sponsor

Every night, our snow cannons unleash a flurry of fresh real snow on to our slopes to create the ultimate environment for you to enjoy. The slope is housed within a giant freezer where the temperature on the ground is -12 degrees and the air temperature a frosty -5! Over 1,500 tonnes of the white stuff make up our main and learner slopes offering you the perfect environment to learn, practice, improve your skills and, most importantly… Have some fun!  Add some text…

One thought on “Snozone – Supporter and sponsor

  1. Hi Dwayne

    I briefly read a BBC News report regarding your exploration to the North Pole and how you envisage black ethnic minorities to take advantage of exploring their English heritage. Since the late 70′s, Providence House Youth Club based in the heart of Clapham Junction London has taken groups of young people and families on residential visits to East Shallowford Farm (Devon). This has provided amazing opportunities for BME groups to explore life in the countryside, participate in day to day work on a farm, and gaining new outdoor experiencing.

    The founder of the Providence House and owner of East Shallowford Farm Ms Elizabeth Braun has worked with four generation of young BME groups bringing about social change to their lives and families. In past ten years Ms Braun and recently retired manager Robert Musgrave have been nominated for MBE’s for their services towards the community. It would be a pleasure to invite you to our centre to share our experiences and ideas for BME groups to engage and take ownership of their English heritage.

    For more information please contact:
    Robert Musgrave – Manager ( Tel 0207 228 0433

    Best regards

    Andrew Williams – Youth Worker