Looking forward to a decent meal (Wharf.co.uk)

aa-may20-NorthPoleWEB.jpgA Canary Wharf resident has successfully conquered the North Pole.

Linda Pomeroy contacted The Wharf from a far-flung location to pass on the news that she had reached her destination earlier this month.

Linda’s three member team, named Global Village, reached the magnetic North Pole while competing in the 2010 Polar Challenge.

Linda was the only female member of the team which travelled more than 600km over the Arctic ice, completing the race in 16 days, 13 hours 38 minutes.

The team represented members from three continents as the other two members Dwayne Fields and Ali Bajwa hail from Jamaica and Pakistan respectively.

This is the first time a team representing the three continents has successfully converged on the North Pole.

The team faced three Arctic storms on the way with winds raging up to 80mph and temperatures dropping to -50C.

At time of going to print the team were reported to be well, but nursing their shredded feet and waiting for an airlift out of the Arctic as the weather cleared.

Linda stated that she was looking forward to coming home and eating at Plateau, as the team had lost considerable weight during their expedition.

Linda is currently a PhD student at Imperial College London and runs her own technology business.

Wharfer Charlotte Byrne was forced to abandon her attempt to take on the Polar Challenge earlier this year but said she was preparing to tackle the event next year.


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