My next event which will see me travel by foot across Antarctica to the South Pole, is a journey of almost 1200km. This will take place in November and is intended to raise funds and support for two charities.  Last year I supported and raised funds for two charities, African African Caribbean Leukemia Trust (ACLT) and Noah’s Ark childrens’ hospice.

African Caribbean Leukemia Trust (ACLT),  do some wonderful and life changing work in helping to increase  the number of black and ethnic minority people on the bone marrow register. They also work tirelessly to find donors for people who are in need. Noah’s Ark childrens’ hospice is a North London based charity and although they may not be the biggest their efforts to create a comfortable and caring environment for both the families the terminally ill child are second to none, they work on providing support through the end-of-life and bereavement periods for as long as is necessary. I strongly believe in the work that both of these charities conduct,  the work they do on a daily basis inspires me greatly.

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