Thank you

A big thanks to all those who attended/supported my fundraiser on Tuesday at  the Society Club, Soho (with a special thanks to Babette and Abi). We have sold 309 miles on the Buy a Mile campaign alone. 10,691 are still available to buy!Buy a Mile Dwayne Fields South Pole Adventure

One thought on “Thank you

  1. Hi Dwayne,

    I saw your video on spending time in the country side on the BBC news site today and thought that it was inspirational for people of all ages and backgrounds!

    In it you mentioned the sea cadets etc and it got me thinking about a youth group I belonged to as a child. I wanted to draw your attention to the Woodcraft Folk. As a child growing up in London in the 70′s and 80′s my brother and I were inspired by this youth organisation. It is not as well publicised or known as the scouts etc but it is UK wide, often in city areas and we spent many weeks and holidays over the years with the Woodcraft Folk, learning about nature and the values you described in your video. They really inspire young people of all backgrounds.

    All the best of luck and preparation for your South Pole trek, future travels and work inspiring young people.

    Ramesh Ghiassi
    (now 39 yrs old and a proud mum to a lively 1 year old who loves kicking his boots in the autumn leaves)