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Trek to the North Pole with Dwayne Fields

For someone who has camped in the Arctic in -50°C  temperatures, snowbound London must be a tad underwhelming.(page 11)

The place this guy was describing sounded so surreal that it sounded very much to me

like he’d been to the moon. Wow! I was fascinated.

Part #1,2&3

The team faced three Arctic storms on the way with winds raging up to 80mph and temperatures dropping to -50C.

The first black british man to the North Pole

Dwayne Fields turned his dream into a reality when he recently became the first Black British man to
reach the North Pole.

Athlete visits Plymouth

An athlete who is hoping to become the first British Jamaican to walk from to the North Pole has visited

Jamaican athlete in Arctic challenge

The 27-year-old has been training in Plymouth alongside veteran international race walker Edmund Shillabeer as he gears up for the tough 2010 Polar Challenge.

A fantastic role model

We turn the spotlight on Dwayne Fields who is trekking to the North Pole and needs your
help to raise vital money for the trip.

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