South Pole Quest

The British Polar Challenger, Dwayne Fields, is aiming to make a solo challenge to the South Pole . The South Pole is the coldest driest place on the planet. Average temperature is -40 degrees centigrade and it has seen temperatures as low as -67.  Dwayne’s walk will be 1130km.

In sharing my quest with friends and making a contribution yourself, raising the funds for this adventure,  is very achievable!  Please donate what you can and spread the word.

Born in Jamaica in 1984, Dwayne is an explorer/adventurer, following in the footsteps of Arctic and Antarctic adventurers such as Peary/Henson, (the winning team which first attained the North Pole in 1909); Shackleton, Scott and our own Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

Dwayne Fiels North PoleDwayne successfully walked to the  North Pole in 2010, celebrating the  of the centenary Peary/Henson endeavour, with a small team under the auspices of Extreme World Races. His latest challenge will test his courage, endurance and physical and mental strength like no other; he will combat the cold and privations of the Antarctic on a solo walk, which will take him across treacherous ice and snow in difficult and challenging conditions for two months.

Dwayne uses his explorer experiences as material for his motivational speaking events. His mission is to inspire young people to achieve:  “Society progresses”, he says “…because of people’s dreams”. He hopes that this, his latest challenge, which fulfils a long held dream, will serve as a beacon to the young; and a real test of power of persistence.

President Theodore Roosevelt in 1910 said of Commander Peary’s achievement:

“Great physical hardship and endurance, an iron will and unflinching courage, the power of command, the thirst for adventure, and a keen and farsighted intelligence – all these must go to the make-up of the successful arctic explorer….”

Dwayne is seeking support for his endeavor from  individuals, organisations and companies.