The search is on!

Dwayne and Phoebe are now on the search to find ten young people to take to Antarctica on what will be the worlds first carbon negative expedition of tis kind. To nominate a young person and for more info visit

Antarctica. One of the last great wildernesses on earth and a destination that many think they wouldn’t reach even in their wildest dreams. But it’s shrinking – in 2017 sea ice was recorded at an all time low due to rising sea temperatures and in June 2018 traces of microplastics were found in samples taken from the shoreline. It’s time we all started caring about our planet, but how can we when for many of us, we will never get to see somewhere like this with our own eyes? Never get to have a close encounter with a wild penguin, see a whale breach or step foot on pristine land where no one has trod before us.

Looking through history both recent and ancient, the ones who get to go the places like Antarctica on expedition are the privileged few.

That’s where Phoebe Smith and Dwayne Fields come in. Known for their solo escapades they, both feeling under-represented in the adventure world and in the media, have decided to team up together to show that anyone – regardless of background can make their wildest dreams come true.

The duo have a greater dream to fulfil. Dwayne along with his teammate Phoebe intend to take a group of under-privileged young people from across Britain to Antarctica in 2022 on a specially chartered expedition ship through their #WeTwo Foundation. 

For more information and to follow the team’s updates see